Bret Nybo Music Artist

About Bret

Born March 12, 1964, Bret Nybo has been a music fan literally his whole life. He loves creating, producing, writing and recording music. And not only that, he also enjoys working with others. In fact, Bret has never released an album that didn’t include a collaborative effort with other musicians, song writers and producers.

Bret also enjoys Old Time Radio. He has a passion for not just music … but music that tells a story. As a result, Bret’s upcoming release, “Life and Other Twisted Tales” includes several Old Time Radio clips by whom he considers some of the greats, including Boris Karloff, Vincent Price and Peter Lorre.

Bret is also what he defines himself as an ear-candy junkie. He loves to make things sound … well … interesting. As a result, Bret’s music lands somewhere between classic rock and experimental rock. According to Bret, he writes music with one foot planted in the classic rock era, and the other planted in the sounds of today.

“Yeah … I’m not exactly sure what to call it,” he says. “It isn’t really classic rock, and it doesn’t really fit a formal genre of today. Odds are I’ll probably wind up with just one fan … me. But hey, at least I like it.”

Is Bret right?

Will he be the one and only fan?

Quite possibly … yes. You be the judge.

Bret’s new album breaks Thanksgiving Day, 2021.

In the meantime, here are a couple links to two of the tracks on the album.